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Nominated for 'Worlds most Influential Pepper Grower'

Home of the World Champion HOTTEST PEPPERS
including the Ghost Pepper, Butch T Trinidad Scorpion, Moruga Pepper and NEW
Worlds Hottest the Carolina Reaper pepper AKA HP22B Pepper.
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organic pepper joe Bhut Jolokia, Dorset Naja, Ghost Pepper, Naga Jolokia...What's the deal behind these so called Super Hot strain of Peppers from India.

It's an unfolding story I've been tracking since September of 2000 since the first story appeared in International Herald Tribune. I was skeptical that a supposedly 'Cayenne' strain of Hot Pepper could be

so hot. Then some lab testing indicated they could be in the 'Chinense' (or Habanero) strain of Hot Peppers.

There are many articles out there...many that contradict the others...

It's had more twists and turns than a jigsaw puzzle on steroids. Claims have been made that these Peppers have Scoville Units from 850,000 and 970,000. I tried vigorously to get seeds for these Indian Peppers to field test. At first it seemed it was more difficult to get quality, consistent seeds out of India than it is to get toys from China that are safe and lead free. To make a long story short, I have FINALLY located some seeds from a reliable source. They field tested well the last several years. We continued the testing in 2008 in our test gardens in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Fort Myers and Myrtle Beach. and now...FINALLY...we will offer them for sale in 2009. has been a long journey. I didn't want to put an inferior product out there. So I may have missed out on some business the last few years. But even if you've bought Bhut Jolokia/Ghost Pepper/Naga seeds need to try my seeds. They are Superior to anything out on the market.

AND....I GUARANTEE it will have been worth the wait.

Some Competitors are selling the seeds for $12 to $15. And there are many seeds selling that are totally useless (Like on E-Bay for up to $20)

I've priced mine as reasonably as I could. There is a maximum order of 3 packs so hopefully I have enough to go to all customers.

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Pepper Joe with TONS of Ghost Peppers

Pepper Joe eats a Ghost Pepper...and lives to talk about it.

100% Proof...
the Debate is OVER...
Pepper Joe's Ghost Pepper Plant in Container

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