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organic pepper joe
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We get questions all of the time about heat levels. How many Scoville Units is this Hot Pepper?

What's the worlds hottest pepper? Scotch Bonnet vs Habanero? Ghost Pepper vs Habanero? Send me your Hot Pepper list Pepper Joe and what is the Chili heat scale? The Chile Scoville Scale?

So with all of these questions on the Hot Peppers heat level...we created our own 'Pepper Joe Heat Scale'.

organic pepper joe
organic pepper joe
Heat scales are purely subjective. Even with a scientific test like Scoville Units, the hotness of peppers can vary in the same variety from plant to plant and even on the same plant. However, I hope this helps you to make your selections.

Hot peppers are a lot of fun. But please take them seriously and handle with care.


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